Classical Riding

As the artist must know the message of his finished work, and the skilled worker must understand how best to use his tools, so must the rider have a precise vision of his goals and the means to obtain them.

At Horses of the Sun our objective of Classical Riding is to train a horse so that his natural movement is brought to the forefront. Through working with the natural movement and allowing freedom of balance, a quiet, supple, and obedient horse evolves and by his smooth movement makes him a pleasure to ride. Whether in dressage, voltige, or cross-country trails, the horse should always be quiet, supple, and obedient. These qualities are the basis for every kind of riding.


During each phase of riding, the naturalness of the horse is fostered. Each horse is viewed as an individual, and training schedules, goals, and objectives are set up so that this individuality is never compromised. The naturalness of the horse always comes first. All work, from starting a young horse to collected riding is done on a loose rein. The contact between horse and rider is developed to light “fingertip” accuracy.

The main principle of our work is never to disturb the horse in its natural movement. The horse’s movement and balance should be no different in the schooling area, with the rider, than out in the field frolicking with the herd.


Riders are taught to value the true movement of the horse. Any type of restricting or impeding of movements is discouraged. Whether riding, cross- country, or voltige, everything develops from freedom of balance.





Monthly Riding Lessons
$200per month
1 lesson per week
1 hour long lessons
Horse provided
4 lessons per month
Private Riding Lessons
$75per hour
Single lesson
1 hour long lesson
Horse provided
4 lessons per month