Generic Voltige Lesson Outline

Brief Outline On The Arrangement And Design Of A Voltige Lesson

The following are suggestions and ideas for the general structure and design of a Voltige lesson. The actual lesson must flexible and take the situation at hand into consideration.

Each lesson should be divided into three principal sections with the emphasis on:

INTRODUCTION MAIN PART CONCLUSION – 20-25% – 50-60% – 20-25% – goal of lesson – performance – Cool-down – warm-up – recap previously – demonstration of – set the theme learned knowledge learned material and atmosphere – learning of new material – discussion of lesson – conditioning – games – concentration training – praise, and care of – Kür choreography horse, return to – etc. stable

Time and Lesson Management

* the preparation of the lesson (both in content and in time) is of utmost importance * adhere to the planned time frame as closely as possible

Division of Lesson into Activity and Rest

* alternate between active and passive sessions * keep the age level(s) and abilities of voltigeurs in mind


* “How do I reach my Lesson Goal ?” * from the known to the unknown * from the simple to the complex * from the rough to the polished * from the easy to the difficult


* loud, clear, concise * use the minimum of words to convey the maximum of thought * precise explanations * constructive criticism * adapt your instructions and comments to the age level of the voltigeurs


* be clear and concise * don’t be repetitive in correcting, might want to interrupt exercise and explain it again


* keep the well-being of the voltigeurs in mind * keep the well-being of the horse in mind * keep equipment safe, avoid potentially hazardous exercises, etc.

Overview of the Lesson

* recap, “Did I reach my goals ?” – all, or portion thereof * “What can I change ?” * “How did the voltigeurs respond, did they achieve their goal(s) ?” * and most importantly: FUN ???!!!??? Did everyone, including the horse, have fun?