Horse Training

  Each year, we have a limited amount of spaces available for horse training. Horses in training will stay at Horses of the Sun for the duration of their training period and will be trained in our principles of Classical Riding. Hind shoes must be removed and all vices must be declared prior to the horse’s arrival at Horses of the Sun (Horses that crib, windsuck, weave, or have other vices will not be allowed on the property). Riders desiring lessons on their own horses can make arrangements to trailer their mounts to us for classes. For the safety and well-being of all concerned, any horse entering Horses of the Sun property must be healthy, have a current ‘negative Coggin’s test, and be on a regular horse health program (worming, shots, etc.).


Ali Imankhani, professional horse trainer, has joined us in our horse training program. With over 30 years of experience in jumping, dressage, starting, and training  horses, Ali has had countless equestrian successes the world over.





He is a certified Stage 4 Instructor with the British Horse Society and trained horses for 10 years while in Britain. As a competitive show jumper, he placed second at the Regional World Cup Qualifier in Kazakhstan, and third at the National Championships. As a rider and trainer, Ali is quiet, competent, and efficient. He is kind and gentle while training, which results in kind and safe mounts.