Longing for Voltige

For Voltiging, the horse is longed on the left hand at either the walk or the canter. Exercises must never be practised or performed at the trot as these exercises can cause a jarring effect to the limbs and spine of both horse and voltigeur alike, due to the diagonal motion of the trotting horse. The longeur holds the longeline neatly in the left hand, and the whip is held in the right hand. As the horse moves, the longeur pivots around the left heel, thus keeping the 13-meter circle completely round. In this manner, the horse is kept controlled, and the voltigeurs are able to approach the horse safely without interfering with the longeline or the whip. All commands are given to the horse by the longeur by voice and by hand signals with the whip and through the longeline to the horse’s bit. The voltigeurs are not controlling the horse; they can concentrate solely on the performance of their exercises.