Practical Life Skills and Sustainable Living

Practical Life Skills and Sustainable Living Program

This program is rooted in the belief of teaching and training for preparation, rather than correction.  It is for anyone 16 years of age or older who wants to explore the gifts of nature and find
harmony and balance in their life.

There is no better gift that we can give than the skills to develop our full human potential.

Personal Development


The program consists of several stand-alone outdoor activities.  Each activity is also a specific developmental guide that creates and cultivates the participant’s uniqueness as an individual.  We focus on unfolding and expanding the human potential.

Activities and experiences include:

  • Small building projects (e.g., build a container garden, outdoor wood-working, landscaping, ..)
  • Use of hand tools
  • Design and management of container gardening
  • Sowing, nurturing, growing, and harvesting of vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Interaction with farm animals and horses
  • Team cooperation and individual exploration
  • Time management
  • Project management and process execution
  • Re-use and up-cycle materials
  • Planning and working within limits
  • Understand and appreciate nature
  • And more …

“Self-esteem and Confidence”

With positive self-esteem, we feel good about life and trust ourselves.  With positive self-confidence, we believe in ourselves and our ability to reach set goals.  Participants will learn how to face situations with the belief system of” I can” versus “I can’t”, work on the ability to love, honour and believe in themselves!  They will discover what self-talk is, and how it can influence emotions, moods and actions.

Self-Responsibility and Integrity

Self-responsibility means taking ownership of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  We often feel like victims because we see others as having all the power …. everyone tells us what to do!  In this course, participants will see how much power they do have when they choose to take ownership of their lives!

Integrity means honesty … keeping your word and staying true to your values at all times.  Living a life of integrity builds trust. By learning how to choose integrity even when things are not going well, participants learn how to develop a powerful inner compass that will guide them through life.


Managing Fear and Moving Past Failure

Our comfort zone is a mental boundary that we created based on what we think we can or cannot do.  Pushing outside of the comfort zone can be a great source of fear that can prevent us from going after our biggest dreams.  Participants will learn that they can create their thoughts. They will learn how to shift from negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones.  It’s all about choosing your experience!

Failure occurs when we do not meet our goals.  How we manage failure directly impacts what we create in life.  Participants will learn that failure is an event … not who they are.  They will learn the steps necessary for moving past failure so they can learn from it and let go.


Embracing Nature


We strive to foster interest, understanding, and appreciation of nature, community, and self.  

We often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment.  The modern life has changed dramatically in the last few decades.  We spend more time indoors (school, office, shopping malls, etc.), viewing television and playing video games than they do being physically active outside.  People are eating more processed, high-calorie foods due to busy schedules, which makes a sit-down meal a rare event. These changes have led to an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, as well as social and psychological problems.

In the past decade, the benefits of connecting to nature have been well documented in numerous scientific research studies and publications.  Collectively, this body of research shows that our social, psychological, academic, and physical health is positively impacted when we have daily contact with nature.  

This course allows participants to experience nature and the elements.  Participants will discover, experience, and learn how to take in and process information.  Rhythms of life are learned from nature and movement education. Anxiety, low self-esteem, concentration issues and fear of failure seem to disappear as participants experience life and living through the influence of outdoor projects, horses, farm animals and nature.

Through this ongoing and innovative program, participants will stop wondering how smart they are, and discover how they are smart!


Participants may also have the opportunity to learn about making fire with matches and friction, and safe and effective camp-fire tending techniques.  How to build or find primitive shelters, campfire cooking, off-trail exploration, and how to detect or spot wildlife, may also be on the agenda.


Traditional archery is a great way to embark on self-awareness and inner reflection.  Therefore, participants may also have the opportunity to experience the traditional style of archery.  They will learn some history of archery, encounter and use several different bows, learn proper archery etiquette and the “instinctive” shooting style, and will have plenty of opportunity to practice.  Archery equipment will be provided for participants.

All these activities will take place on our 105 acre farm.  Participants will be spending their days in the “great outdoors”, and will be experiencing weather and nature all day long.  Please dress for the weather and recognise that the days will be spent outside….”un-plugged and device free”! In the case of severe inclement weather or thunder storms activities will be held inside.



Program runs from April 1st to October 31st ;

Program is designed for participants 16 years of age or older;

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 to 15:00.

Cost for full participation is $ 5,000.00 (tax included);

Cost for a month participation is $ 1,000.00;

Cost for a week participation is $ 300.00;

Max. 10 participants per course


Location:  Horses of the Sun; 1944 Forced Road, Vars    –

Registration: call 613-835-9523, speak to Sonja