Special Needs and Equine Assisted Movement Therapy

Therapeutic Voltige/Riding is a very goal oriented sport that builds on the mental, physical, and emotional capabilities of its participants. As a recreational activity, it introduces young children to   the horse, teaches them self-confidence, trust for the horse, discipline and body coordination. Therapy Voltige/Riding improves rhythm, balance, posture and, seat and is a widely accepted form of therapy for mental and physical fitness and growth. It is a sport where the horse, the body and the mind of the student move in harmony.

The rhythmic, three-dimensional movement of the horse promotes general physical fitness, normalizes muscle-tone, improves balance reactions, and strengthens the muscles of the participant. Our therapeutic program is conducted in such a way that the physical and mental abilities of the individual are enhanced. This valuable aid for teaching children who are developmentally delayed, learning disabled, or emotionally disturbed is second to none. By working with horses and also with children of various ages, participants will be learning “co-operative team-behaviour”, responsibility, and a wide range of physical education. A safer relationship between people and horses will also result.

Every participant, regardless of age, level of training or expertise can experience enjoyment and a feeling of individual and team achievement. Children with a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional conditions, such as visual impairments, mental and social difficulties, learning difficulties, autism, and Down’s syndrome, participate in the therapeutic voltige/riding program.




Horses and Ponies – mankind’s helpmate and sports companions for centuries – have taken on a new task as partners in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with physical injuries and disabilities.

Based on over 40 years of experience in teaching classical riding, therapy riding, gymnastics, acrobatics, and movement education Sonja Koch has developed a specialized and unique program called Equine Assisted Movement Therapy. By combining the movement of the horse with specially designed exercises for stretching, strengthening, and toning, Sonja Koch will assist you in the rehabilitation of the damage or injury. The Equine Assisted Movement Therapy will be tailored to your special needs and requirements. Equine Assisted Movement Therapy can be an alternate or complementary treatment to physio- or massage-therapy.


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Special Needs Riding
$200 per month
1 lesson per week
4 lessons in a month
Horse provided
1 hour long lessons
Equine Assisted Movement Therapy
1 lesson
45 min long lesson
Horse provided