Summer Day Camps


The camp days will be spent learning and practicing basic horsemanship skills (feeding, grooming, tacking up), riding, voltiging, participating in fitness activities,

and enjoying the outdoors. Lessons will take place in our gym, grass ring, sand ring, special grove, and on our extensive trails through fields and forest. Campers will learn equine ground work, which involves proper handling, leading, and caring for the horses.

Students will discover the awesome equestrian sport of Voltige (acrobatics, gymnastics, and dance on horseback). Voltige, an equestrian discipline that is distinctly different from riding or driving, is currently one of the star acts in the theatrical horse-show “Cavalia”. It is practiced while the horse moves at the end of a longe line on a circle, controlled from the ground by the longeur. The students do not control the horse, which allows them to concentrate solely on the performance of their exercises. Therefore, new students will rapidly gain confidence and trust in the horse and their own abilities.

Voltige introduces young children to the horse, teaches them self-confidence, trust for the horse, discipline, and body co-ordination. It is also a valuable training aid for riders, as it improves confidence, rhythm, balance, posture, and seat. Voltiging for persons with disabilities is a widely accepted form of therapy for mental and physical development. Voltiging is an international competitive sport, requiring a maximum in self-discipline and willpower, alertness, creativity and dedication, body coordination and body control.

All camp activities center around horses, fitness, and fun! While no prior experience in horseback riding, gymnastics, acrobatics, or dance is necessary, this camp is a beneficial cross trainer for gymnastic students, as well as riders. We are the owners and operators of the equestrian centre, with over 40 years of experience; and conduct the summer camps ourselves, with a low camper-to- instructor ratio. We follow a progressive teaching programme, where students progress at their own rate, based on their ability and dedication. Our school horses are our own personal riding horses, and are well-trained and experienced “school masters”. Safety, learning, enjoyment, and fun of the participants are our prime considerations.

Summer day camps run from 9:00 to 4:00, from Monday to Friday. Ages 7 years and up are accepted.


ASTM-approved riding helmets and proper riding footwear are required for all students.




Summer Riding Day Camps
$340 per week
9:00 to 4:00, Monday to Friday
$80 non-refundable deposit
$260 post-dated check for first day of camp