Voltige is a combination of gymnastics and acrobatics on horseback. The voltigeurs learn gymnastic, artistic, and flexibility exercises

on the ground, on a practice barrel, and on the horse in the walk and canter. The horse moves in a circle at the end of the longe-line, controlled entirely by the longeur in the centre.

Aside from the obvious physical benefits, body conditioning, balance, co- ordination and muscle control, Voltige also allows for mental and character development. Through exercise, education, and discipline, Voltige helps the youth of today to grow into the responsible adult of tomorrow. Parents can provide nothing of more lasting value in a recreational activity, than one which develops their child’s full human potential.

Voltige is truly a most comprehensive physical and creative activity! Not only is the voltigeur confronted with the challenge of having to work with the horse in close harmony, but she/he also works together with other members of the group, either on or around the

horse. For a gymnast, Voltige opens up a completely new dimension by incorporating the living horse into the sport.

Voltige is a recreational, as well as a competitive sport. Voltigeurs can perform or compete in Individual, Pas de Deux, and Team Classes. Even though the sport is relatively new to this area, it is a well-developed international equestrian sport with World Championships, and is one of the disciplines of the World Equestrian Games.

In its evolution, Voltige expanded from the realm of being a sport to the heights of a performing art. Voltige Theatre is a form of entertainment which can be appreciated by virtually everyone, and is often a core activity in equestrian theatre and circus groups, for example Cavallia. Performances consist of spectacular displays of Voltige on the cantering horse and acrobatics, dance routines, dramatic performances, and choreographed tumbling lines on the ground, all depicting a particular theme or play.

Voltige is an activity that can be enjoyed by children (age 7 and older), teenagers, and adults.

No previous riding or gymnastic experience is necessary to learn and enjoy Voltige.

However, it offers gymnasts the opportunity to pursue and expand their training for recreational and/or competitive purposes even into young adulthood. Lessons are developed through a systematic training process, whereby students from the beginner to the advanced level progress at their own rate. Lessons are on-going, and after an initial assessment, the new student will be placed in a class according to his/her age and ability.

Our recreational and competitive Voltige Programmes have been designed as systematic development courses for voltigeurs. Each stage has been designed so that the voltigeur will develop safely and progressively – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Throughout the different stages, special attention has been focused on various muscle groups (stretching and strengthening) and the stamina development of the individual voltigeur.


Throughout the summer, day-camps and intensive training courses are offered. The voltigeurs spend the day at the stable, learning and improving their Voltige techniques. Through daily interactions with the horse, voltigeurs acquire horse- management skills, which enable them to form a closer bond with the horses.

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Voltige Lessons
$200 per month
1 lesson per week
4 lessons per month
2 hour long lessons
Horse provided